Protest of binational families and couples

Demo of binational couples on 8.5. at 11:00 am in front of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

Binational couples and families fight for their fundamental right to family, against discrimination, obstacles to family reunification and marriage and travel restrictions for married and unmarried couples !!!!

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The following countries and continents will also demonstrate for the rights of binational families and couples on May 8, 2021 (the list of countries is constantly updated):

Presence rally in Germany (Berlin) and Australia (Sydney and Melbourne).

Online rally in Germany, in Austria, in the Switzerland and in France.

Protest gegen Diskriminierung binationaler Familien We stand up for our fundamental right to family!
Demonstration of binational couples and families of Germany!

When? May 8, 2021, 11.00 a.m.

Where. Berlin, in front of the Federal Chancellery (Willy-Brandt-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin, U-Bhf. Bundestag, 5 min. walk from Berlin-Hauptbahnhof). COVID-19-NOTE: Be responsible! Come with a mask and keep your distance!

Many binational couples and families still suffer from discrimination in 2021 and have to overcome much higher hurdles in Germany than German couples and families. These hurdles can be found, among other things, in the marriage (various documents and questionnaires, language certificates, etc.), the family reunification or in the possibility of entry of the partner in Covid 19 times. Therefore, we want to meet and raise our voice on May 8, 2021 at the rally in front of the Federal Chancellery.

Let's get loud, stick together and demonstrate for our rights! We want to clearly show the Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior our displeasure about the current situation! In times of globalization, bureaucratic barriers and obstacles should be a thing of the past! A distinction between married and unmarried couples in the context of entry restrictions is not up to date and causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. We want to draw attention to illogical and risky regulations of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on entry, the unnecessary dilemma with required language tests, the delays and hurdles in the visa process, for marriage and family reunification.

Raise your voice with us and join our email distribution list >>> so that we know how many participants we can expect. Besides binational couples and families, of course, any other peaceful demonstrator who shares our opinion and wants to stand up for the respect of basic rights for ALL, such as free choice of partners, a common family life and love without borders, is most welcome. SELF-CONSCIOUSLY WE WILL HOLD TO ALL CORONA RULES IN THIS DEMONSTRATION! DISTANCE, HYGIENE AND MASK ARE MANDATORY!

What else can I do?

Petitionen Support our petitions with your signature.

1. petition for the abolition of language tests as a prerequisite for spousal reunification to Germany, or the recognition of A1 language certificates acquired (online) from other language institutes besides the Goethe-Institut please
Sign and share HERE >>>

2nd petition on the inhumane treatment of bi-national families and couples in German embassies and by the German Foreign Office regarding the prioritization of visa processing for marriage and family reunification, the allocation of appointments in the embassies and required language tests please Sign and share HERE >>>

Petition to ban the carriage of unmarried bi-national partners from virus variant areas (e.g. Brazil, South Africa), despite evidence of a negative Covid-19 test result and obligation to quarantine for 14 days.
Sign and share HERE >>>

Twittersturm Twitter and email action of binational families and couples.

Every day we take on a very special tweet, e.g. from politicians of the CDU and SPD or also the Federal Minister of the Interior and the Foreign Office. Here we answer with as many people as possible from the community #loveisnottourism or other people for whom free choice of partner in Germany is an important concern. You can also find us on Facebook at: loveisnottourism >>>


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